Lifestyle and family photography


Our greatest joy comes from producing images that totally delight people.  Capturing life-defining moments and memories is what we are all about and the more happy and emotional people get when they see their images the more we like it!


To get these images requires relaxed people – having fun in their own space and in their own time.  Working exclusively in your home, garden or favourite location you and your family will be more at ease in your own personal – and infinitely variable – backgrounds. Mostly using only natural daylight – typically more flattering than artificial lighting – we work as unobtrusively as possible.  OK there’s some technique in great photography but it’s much more to do with psychology – where relaxed people means more photogenic people.


Our approach is bespoke, exclusive and individual to each family – starting with the photography and right through to crafting of high quality photo-frames, canvasses and albums – where each is designed individually for you and your lifestyle to be a stunning piece of artwork to own, enjoy and treasure for years to come.


Schools, nurseries and school prom photography


With our large, fully mobile professional studio we can provide on-site photography for schools and nurseries – including both secure password-protected online galleries for image viewing and sales and on-site printing.


Photo-restoration and legacy albums


No matter how far back you can trace your ancestors, family history really comes alive with old photos.  All to often, though these images have not stood the test of time, so check out our photo-restoration and legacy album service... read more

Three family group photograph for Grandad's special birthday present! Wearing flat caps and sat on a tractor. Fun-filled lifestyle photography
School leavers celebrating exam success with great school proms photography by Jac Lee Photography
Early lifestyle photography! Jac Lee's grandparents and uncle - as a toddler - on the beach in Blackpool in 1919
Early lifestyle photography! The importance of capturing the moment, forever. My grandparents, Jack and Daisy and their son Jack, Blackpool, circa 1919. I didn’t know they did this sort of photography then. I thought it was all magnesium flash and "stand still for ten minutes" so it’s so good to be proved wrong – and what a find! (Photographer unknown – but obviously someone of great vision and talent!)
One boy, seven sports! Composite studio image by Jac Lee Photography

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